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Tattoo studio digital design services

Establishing a strong online presence is becoming increasingly important. The tattoo industry is no different. Your tattoo studio website acts as an online portfolio of your unique artwork and tattooing skill. This engages customers and attracts them to book an appointment with you. A quarter (26%) of the British public have tattoos. This indicates that the tattooing industry is becoming more competitive. A custom tattoo artist website design that displays your talent will help your company stand out from your competition. It’ll present a professional and impactful overview of your services.

Why choose us for your tattoo artists website

Webpop Design has over a decade of custom web design expertise, while offering a range of web design services. Custom tattoo website design provide complete flexibility and functionality. Unlike generic template based web design, a bespoke website is fully customisable. Nothing is off limits. We can design a tattoo parlour website to suit your own unique branding style, while acting as an extension of your artistry.

You might want to include impactful header images or bold header video content? You might prefer eye-catching colour schemes, white space or pastel colours? We can incorporate vibrant imagery, custom functionality and social media links, all while ensuring that we use clean code, to help your business flourish online. Do you want to integrate a booking system or contact form? We can achieve all of this, while implementing intuitive navigation to enhance the tattoo journey. Our custom websites are tailored to engage customers and drive conversions.

Furthermore, our websites are designed and developed with responsiveness in mind. This means that your website will reach your audience across various devices and screen sizes. This ensures that your website is optimised for mobile, resulting in a portfolio that’s visually impactful and accessible. Responsive design isn’t just about ensuring an aesthetically pleasing, modern design. It’s favoured by Google’s algorithms, helping to improve your search engine optimisation and boost the search engine rankings for your tattoo salon website.

Tattoo Studio Website Design

Tattoo studio web design including online bookings, portfolio, artist profiles, events and blog.

Our design process

Our design process enables us to work collaboratively with our clients. It allows us to get a full understanding of their business, along with the message they want to convey to their customers. This enables us to create a website that aligns with your vision, while producing something truly unique.

  • Research and discovery – Firstly, we send you a design survey. This enables us to get a full understanding of your tattoo business requirements. This includes your business objectives, business goal, your preferred design style and tattoo website examples that inspire you.
  • High fidelity design – We jump straight into creating a user-friendly design, based on the design survey. We work closely with you, with rounds of feedback, until you’re fully satisfied with the tattoo website design.
  • Frontend development – We develop every page template in responsive HTML. This enables you to take a look at the website before we start backend development.
  • Backend development – The next step is to turn your HTML into a functional website! If your website requires advanced functionality it’d be delivered during this phase. We integrate the content management system so that you can manage your website with ease.
  • Quality assurance – before we go-live, we carefully test your website to ensure that it is working perfectly.
  • Launch – This is the exciting part! Your custom body art studio websites launched! We set up Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and XML sitemaps. This helps search engines to index your new website. You don’t need to worry about broken links or drops in SEO, our development team will ensure that your new website is launched with no negative impact to your current SEO rankings.
  • Support and maintenance – We offer 30 days free support to our clients. Thereafter, we can provide ongoing maintenance services.

Features of a great tattoo artist website

A custom, professional-looking website is a great way to market your tattoo studio. It enables you to convey your artistic vision and personality, while establishing a strong brand identity and encouraging bookings. Some key features that will make your tattoo shop website design engaging for your customers, are:

Portfolio showcase: High-quality images of artwork and tattoos

The majority of tattoo websites incorporate a showcase of work. A bespoke website designed specifically for you as a tattoo artist acts as a digital portfolio. It showcases your tattoo designs in high-resolution. Incorporating vibrant images and videos is both impactful and instills confidence in your tattooing ability and artistry.

Online booking system: Allow clients to book appointments online

We can incorporate contact forms and integrate appointment booking systems. Built-in features like this allow your customers to book appointments with ease while streamlining the appointment process. This results in a conversion optimised site, increasing bookings for tattoo studio and simplifying appointment scheduling for customers.

Artist bios: Introduction to the artists

We can integrate artist bios into your website. This creates an opportunity for customers to familiarise themselves with your team before scheduling an appointment. This engages potential customers and creates trust.

Shop information: Introduce your studio

Tattoo studio websites can include essential information about your studio. This could include opening times, geographical info or Google Maps, pricing details, contact info and images of the studio environment. This allows customers to develop a sense of connection with you, building confidence in your services.

Testimonials: Reviews from satisfied clients to build trust

Positive reviews are a helpful endorsement of your services. Displaying positive customer testimonials on your website offers reassurance to potential customers about your bespoke tattoo studio. It establishes credibility, by giving a true insight of the studio and customers tattoo experience.

Blog: Tips on tattoo care, design ideas, and studio news

Blogs are a great way to keep customers up to date with exciting developments. They can provide helpful aftercare instructions, share design ideas and discuss interesting tattoo industry news. Incorporating blogs on your website, with informative content, show regular activity and are beneficial from an SEO perspective. Regular new posts, containing relevant content, signals to search engines that your site is active. This gives your website better authority.

Tattoo Artist Web Design - Infographic

Key features of a great Tattoo Artists Web Design Infographic

Other Notable Features

  • Artwork and tattoo exhibitions. Get more bookings in your calendar
  • Newsletters to keep your customers up to date via email, including information on your tattoo services and exciting updates.
  • Virtual consultations provide the option for remote Q&A via video call and allow customers to discuss their tattoo ideas.
  • Tattoo aftercare tip provide step-by-step instructions to customers on how to look after their new tattoo.
  • FAQs to address common questions about the tattoo process, pricing, safety measures, and studio policies.
  • Additional services that you provide, such as piercings, tattoo modifications or tattoo removal.
  • Community events, tattoo conventions and workshops hosted by your studio to bring together tattoo enthusiasts and customers.
  • Social media integration to compliment your social media marketing strategy.

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Our London based web design agency has created websites for hundreds of clients across the globe! Design is a versatile and creative process. Website design is no different. We have collaborated with clients across dozens of sectors. We deliver unique and impactful custom design services & digital marketing services, that strengthen brands online. Start showcasing your art today with a quality custom tattoo artist website design that is as unique as your business.

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