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We create websites for public libraries, information centres, literary institutions, research centres and book & reading clubs.

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Public library website design & development

Your public library website design is the crux of all your library’s life, community and activity. It is the first thing people and website users think of when they want to find information on open hours, use effective learning tools, check alternate libraries to return their books or to peruse online library subscriptions. It is also where your staff come to record, organise and oversee the library’s service, intake and out-take.

A well thought-out public library web design will be well organised and easy to navigate, with a clean, streamlined simple design and easy to use tools, functions and features. General knowledge and information, your book catalogue and other web areas for learning resources and research should offer open access in intuitively obvious locations. You want your website visitors and reading community to feel they have all the information they need right at their fingertips when browsing your web page.

Our website design agency will provide your library with a smooth, no frustration, easy access experience to researchers, students, and public library employees. You will find that a small difference in web page design can make a huge difference in convenience for those who utilise a website, and we want to work with you to create the ideal website for your public library users, readers, learners and potential visitors.

Website designs for libraries & information centres

Our web development team specialise in building attractive design library websites and other government owned web projects. We write clean, accessible HTML code, javaScript and CSS and use Bootstrap to develop all websites. We can craft an awe inspiring library website for your library which has responsive web design (mobile friendly), advanced search function features to scan your library system and is extremely user friendly for your members.

The best library websites offer a great user experience, have an intuitive website layout, make great use of white space, modern design elements and offer easily accessible links  to learning materials or resources from the main menu navigation. Additionally effective learning tools, a free public library site search feature in your menu, an events calendar of any upcoming events and page templates that showcase author talks, films, exhibitions, case studies, cultural events or a handpicked collection of your libraries most popular education books can be put in place.

Digital internet website agency for public libraries

The first step in any of our library web design projects is to get to know your library as an individual entity. We want to create a comprehensive web site that is fully customised and provides a strong presence for your public library and to do this we’ll take however much time is necessary to get to know your institution and the unique needs of your staff and patrons.

Once we’ve come to know you and your specific needs, our skilled library web designers will craft a one of a kind, modern public library website and content that is eminently practical even as it reflects the essence of who you are as a public or mobile library.

At Webpop Design, we don’t stop there. We’re a team of skilled library website designers, developers and creative marketers, and our digital marketing team can also supply engaging, high quality, hand written search engine optimised web content to promote your library website in the search engines. We can even arrange a professional photo shoot or acquire stock photos for your WordPress website.

If you’re a public library or information centre and would like to increase your web presence in the search engines, or improve the current web pages on your website, our WordPress theme developers and support staff can help. Contact our London based public libraries website design team today on 020 7998 3935 or send you project requirements using our Project Planner and we will get back to you with a quote.

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