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Hair salon website design agency in London

You may have a good location, a nice storefront and an appealing facility. Your salon may be spoken well of by everyone who has visited, and you may be well on the way to creating a name for yourself as the beauty industry level barbershop to get styled. But if you don’t have an effective, professional hair salon web design, you’re missing out a major piece of your market share and potential influence.

A well thought-out salon website will be a place that those who care about beauty and fashion enjoy visiting; a site that showcases some of your best work and invites those who browse your website pages to make an appointment at your salon.

It’s crucial that your hair salon website breathes reliability and credence; after all, you’re expecting your salon clients to trust you completely with a very important part of their public persona—their hair. Our web design team can help you achieve that with carefully chosen design elements and a colour palette that attracts the visitor in and inspires confidence with your website visitors.

Beautiful salon website design is paramount with the best salon website examples, and the best hair salon websites showcase all the beauty services from your passionate stylists and reviews from satisfied customers. A prominent call to action button should feature on your home page and in the header of the website. Impress potential customers with a photo gallery of your services and your different stylists.

Hairdressing or hair studio website design

You will want your salon’s site design to include information on what type of styling and services you offer, on your salon locations, and on your prices. Whether you have a full blown spa website or a simple one page website, you’ll want it to include calls to action that invite the reader to book an appointment now. You’ll also want to include salon hours and recommendations and reviews by others who have had their coloured hair styled at your hairdressing salon.

Your salon website designer can help you bring all those elements into a cohesive whole; a streamlined, good hair salon website design that is easy to understand, easy to navigate, and a joy to use. If you’d like to create interactive areas on the website—online booking options for potential clients to easily book appointments, for instance—our web development team can add that functionality seamlessly.

We can craft top hairdressing websites for beauty salons that promote all the services you offer throughout a well organized, intuitive home page design. Your homepage will welcome visitors and showcase your beauty products and product lines around compelling content that provides all the information your clients need to buy products, gift cards and making it easy to order other e-commerce based services via your great website.

Hairdressers, barbers & spa websites

Webpop Design are salon business website creators, developers, and search engine marketers, and can provide content as needed to improve your web presence and make your website ready for unveiling at the earliest opportunity. We can build the best salon websites for beauty business, salon services, nail salon and spa’s and can develop top hair salon sites for colourists, barbers and hairdressers alike.

We specialise in building the best beauty salon websites that are user friendly, eye catching, visually appealing and built with conversion in mind to promote your different services to potential customers. We can streamline your booking process and allow new clients to book an appointment online at the click of the mouse. Don’t delay. Contact one of our expert salon web designers today on 020 7998 3935 or send your requirements on our Contact Us page to make an enquiry.

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Gaelle Devins

We created a multilingual website and blog that helps customers follow and contact Gaelle and sign up for her coaching services.

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Siva Ashram

CMS based website for Costa Rican spiritual retreat. Responsive modular templates and reusable layouts was the core focus.

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Thubten Chodron

Bespoke WordPress website for Venerable Thubten Chodron - a pioneering American Buddhist teacher who teaches the Dharma.

Hairdressing websites that enhance appointment bookings

Are you a salon owner, mobile hairdresser or beauty & aesthetics clinic looking to beautify your website and enhance client bookings? Speak to us.

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